Saturday, August 21, 1999

Historians Visit to Discuss George Washington’s Mount Vernon

Chestertown, MD — You can learn a lot about a man and his culture by examining his home. Particularly if that man is George Washington, and his home is Mount Vernon.

On Saturday, September 18th, two historians will visit Washington College to talk about the significance of "George Washington’s Mount Vernon" in shaping a new nation. Robert and Lee Dallzell, whose book on the subject was recently published, are giving a talk in the Casey Academic Center forum, beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Robert and Lee Dalzell are the co-authors of George Washington’s Mount Vernon: At Home in Revolutionary America, which is considered a major contribution to the literature of architectural history, Washington, and early American studies. By portraying Washington at home as he designs and shapes Mount Vernon to meet his needs, the Dalzells provide unexpected insights into his private and public personas.

Robert Dalzell is the Ephraim Williams Professor of American History at Williams College. His wife, Lee, is head of the reference department at the Williams College Library.

This event is part of the College’s year-long celebration of the life and times of George Washington, in observance of the bicentennial of his death.

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