Saturday, March 25, 2000

DuPont Company CEO To Speak at Washington College

Chestertown, MD — Charles O. Holliday Jr., chairman and CEO of E. I du Pont de Nemours & Co., will speak about global companies' global responsibilities at 7 p.m., Friday April 7 in the Casey Academic Center Forum at Washington College.
His talk is free and open to the public.
Holliday is well positioned to discuss business and its responsibilities from a global standpoint. He is the first DuPont Company chief executive with extensive experience outside the United States and was elected chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in January 2000. Holliday spent seven years as chairman of DuPont Asia-Pacific, prior to returning to the United States to assume leadership of the company. Of his experience in Tokyo, he said, "Living in Asia enabled me to realize both the complexity of the global marketplace and the regional and national interdependencies that make our economic system work." He also served as director of global business for Kevlar(R) and Nomex(R).
Holliday's business strategy is based on sustainable growth that creates value for the company's shareholders and global societies and reduces the company's environmental footprint. Citing the DuPont Company's singular longevity, 200 years in 2002, Holliday says, "This makes us one of the most sustainable industrial companies anywhere in the world."
Washington College honored Holliday with a doctorate in 1998, the same year he was named CEO of the company. In 1999 he became DuPont Company chairman. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Holliday joined the company in 1970 after receiving his B.S. in industrial engineering at the University of Tennessee. He has worked throughout the United States during his career, with diverse responsibilities in several divisions of the company.
Holliday's talk is sponsored by the J. C. Jones Seminar in American Business.

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