Monday, July 2, 2001

In Memoriam: Dr. Margaret W. Horsley

Chestertown, MD, July 2, 2001 — Margaret W. Horsley, former Professor and Chairman of the Sociology Department, passed away last night.
Maggie, as she was known to friends and colleagues, was a native of Globe, Arizona. She received her BA in Anthropology from the University of California and her PhD from Columbia University. Her disseration was on the anti-Chinese attitudes in the Philippines. From 1951-52 she was a Fulbright Research Scholar in the Philippines on leave from Hofstra University, where she began teaching as an Instructor of Sociology and Anthropology immediately upon receiving her doctorate at Columbia. She was on the faculty of Hofstra for three years.
In 1956, Dr. Horsley began a thirty-year teaching career at Washington College. She was promoted to Associate Professor in 1959. In 1960 she was named Dean of Women and served in that capacity until 1965 when she was promoted to Professor and named Chair of the Department of Sociology. In 1977 she was a recipient of the Gold Pentagon Award, given by the Washington College chapter of Omicron Delta Kappa in recognition of meritorious service to the College. She retired from Washington College in 1986 with the rank of Professor Emerita. Each year the College awards The Margaret Horsley Award to the graduating major who, in the opinion of the faculty and students of the Department of Sociology and Anthroplogy, has shown in his or her work the clearest understanding of human behavior.
Dr. Horsley was a member of the American Anthropological Association, the American Ethnological Society, and the Society for Applied Anthropology. During World War II, she was a member of the Women's Army Corps (WAC), and served as a staff sargent in Army Intelligence in the Pacific Theatre.
An avid reader and self-confessed "Baker Street Irregular", Maggie Horsley was especially fond of the English mystery. She was an avid cook who liked to experiment with recipes and to cook for friends. Her enthusiasm for cooking was related to her interest in nutritional problems in anthropology.
At this time there are no announced plans for a memorial service. As a veteran, Dr. Horsley's ashes will be enurned at Arlington Cemetery.

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