Thursday, October 24, 2002

Townsend Hoopes Appointed Senior Fellow At Washington College

Chestertown, MD, October 24, 2002 — Washington College's Board of Visitors and Governors is pleased to announce the appointment of Townsend Hoopes as Senior Fellow of the College who will be associated with the College's C. V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience. With a long career in government service and consulting, Hoopes is a recognized authority on foreign policy and international security.
“Tim Hoopes will bring a wealth of experience to the C.V. Starr Center, both as an historian and as a former shaper of American foreign policy,” said Ted Widmer, Director of the C. V. Starr Center. “In particular, he will help us to probe a topic of the utmost importance to the American experience—the history of our strategic and diplomatic relationships with the rest of the world.”
At the end of World War II, Hoopes served as Assistant to the Chairman of the Committee on Armed Services in the House of Representatives (1947-48); then as a staff aide to three Secretaries of Defense: James Forrestal, General George Marshall and Robert Lovett (1948-53). For several years thereafter, he was a partner in the international consulting firm of Cresap, McCormick and Paget. He returned to government service as Principal Deputy for International Security Affairs at the Pentagon (1965-67) and as Under Secretary of the Air Force (1967-69). Subsequently, he served as President of the Association of American Publishers, Co-Chairman of Americans for SALT, and Director of the American Committee on U.S.-Soviet Relations.
His book The Limits of Intervention (Vietnam War) won the Overseas Writers Award for Best Book on Foreign Policy in 1970; his biography, The Devil and John Foster Dulles, won the 1973 Bancroft History Prize; and another biography, Driven Patriot: The Life and Times of James Forrestal (coauthored with Douglas Brinkley), won the 1992 Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt Naval History Prize. Townsend Hoopes on Arms Control, a collection of his essays and speeches, was published in 1987, and FDR and the Creation of the UN (coauthored with Brinkley) was published in 1997.
Hoopes is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy, Yale University and the National War College. As a Marine Lieutenant in World War II, he participated in the assault and capture of Iwo Jima and the initial occupation of Japan. He and his wife Ann live in Chestertown.

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