Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Washington College Announces Tuition Increase For 2004-2005

Chestertown, MD, March 2, 2004 — Washington College's Board of Visitors and Governors announced at its February meeting a tuition increase of $1,750, bringing the total cost of tuition to $25,990 per year for full-time students. In addition, other basic charges will increase by $260 over those for the current year. The new rates will be effective for the 2004-2005 academic year.
Under the Board's 2004-2005 plan, basic charges for room will increase by $200 to $2,800, while basic board fees will increase by $60 to $3,200—the first increases in room and board charges for the College in six years. The Student Service Fee will be held constant at $560.
“This year's increase is unusual for Washington College,” said John S. Toll, President of the College. “Over the past three years, the total cost of attendance at Washington College has increased by just $3,500, while the average three-year increase at our peer institutions has been $4,925. We have kept this year's increase to 6.58 percent—as low as we possibly can without forcing the institution to compromise core programs and services for our students.”
Despite the significant achievements of the Campaign for Washington's College, Toll added, there is much work to be done and more challenges ahead as Washington College strives to remain competitive with the nation's top liberal arts institutions.
“As the intrinsic value of the education that we provide our students rises, so does the cost of providing the unique opportunities that are the distinguishing marks of the Washington College experience,” Toll said. “Hiring new faculty, enhancing computer technology capabilities, expanding internship opportunities, renovating student residence halls, constructing additional parking lots and recreational sports fields, as well as the climbing price of utilities such as heating fuel, are just a few of the factors that determine tuition and fees for the coming year.”
Although today's college tuition costs can appear daunting, Toll noted, he assures prospective students and their parents that Washington College's Office of Student Financial Aid stands ready to counsel students and their families about opportunities for scholarships and loans. Through initiatives such as the Washington Scholars Program—which offers guaranteed tuition scholarships of at least $10,000 to students who are members of the National Honor Society—Washington College is working to make independent higher education more accessible and more attractive to today's college-bound students.

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