Friday, November 4, 2005

Journey Behind the Trenches with the Washington College Drama Department, November 11 and 12

Chestertown, MD, November 4, 2005 — Washington College's Drama Department presents "Journey's End," by R.C. Sheriff, a senior thesis directed by Chas H. Libretto with a senior thesis design by Heather Holiday, November 11 and 12 at 8 p.m. in the College's Tawes theater. No reservations are required and the public is invited to attend this free event. For show information, call 410-778-7835 or e-mail

Set in the British trenches during the First World War, "Journey's End" takes a striking look at a group of officers faced with what may be the last days of their lives. Focusing on Raleigh, an inexperienced eighteen-year-old second lieutenant, and Captain Stanhorpe, Raleigh's schoolboy hero who has resorted to drinking heavily to quell his nerves and guilt, the play climaxes when the troop receives word of an approaching German attack.

Sensing the strong urgency to direct this play based on world events, director Chas Libretto believes, "The play, more than anything, is about how war destroys the fundamental decency of man. It reminds us that leaders will tell us that war is necessary and will boil the concept down to abstract terms. But we must always remember that, despite these things, wars are fought by young people whose lives are ended violently and horrifically and that the one thing wars do well is to destroy."

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