Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fall Semester 2006: New Black Studies Minor

Chestertown, MD, May 16, 2006 — Washington College will launch a new Black Studies minor starting the fall of 2006. The program will emphasize the interdisciplinary study of the multifaceted history, culture, and lives of people of African descent by drawing from courses in a number of departments, including but not limited to economics, education, English, foreign languages, history, and music.

Unlike African-American and African Studies programs, Washington College's Black Studies minor will not be limited to a single nation or continent, but will encompass all locales where black people have voluntarily or involuntarily been dispersed throughout history, according to Alisha Knight, Assistant Professor of English and American Studies and the Black Studies Program Director.

"The Black Studies minor offers students of all backgrounds the opportunity to explore and research various aspects of black culture from local, national, and global perspectives," said Knight. "Students who earn a minor in Black Studies will increase their understanding of our multicultural society and today's complex global realities. Ultimately Black Studies minors will be more equipped to contribute to diverse workforces."

The interdisciplinary minor consists of six courses (24 credits). Two humanities courses, three social sciences courses, and one additional course in any discipline are required. At least two of the six courses must pertain to black culture outside of the United States, and students are encouraged to take three of these courses.

Regularly offered courses that apply toward the Black Studies minor include Economic Development (BLS 218/ECN 218), The Contemporary Francophone World (BLS 312/FRS 312), The African American Novel (BLS 319/ENG 319), and History of South Africa (BLS 371/HIS 371). Students may request approval to apply a course not cross-listed with Black Studies toward the minor. Students planning to complete the Black Studies minor should notify the director of their intentions early in their academic careers and consult with the director when selecting courses for the minor.

For more information, interested students should contact Dr. Alisha Knight at A student information and advising session will be scheduled for early September.

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