Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Open Letter to Members of the Alumni Community

During our recent Reunion/Commencement weekend, we learned that some members of the Washington College alumni body had received a promotional mailer advertising a local real estate development. The mailing piece referenced Washington College Alumni and featured the official logo of Washington College. This created confusion about the source of the mailing and led some people to assume that Washington College was endorsing real estate sales. The owner of the development has apologized to Washington College for the unauthorized use of our logo, but in case anyone who may have received the mailing is in doubt about our policies, let me make clear:

  • Washington College does not sell or give away information from its alumni database to any individual or group for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
  • Washington College is not endorsing or promoting the sale of waterfront properties to its alumni.
  • The logo of Washington College is a registered trademark which may not be used for any purpose without the permission of the College.

In this age of electronic communication, it can be difficult to identify the source of information. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight.

Baird Tipson, President
Washington College

June 3, 2008

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