Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make No Bones about It: 'Incorruptible' Staged at Washington College

Chestertown, MD — The Washington College Department of Drama will present Michael Hollinger's "Incorruptible: A Dark Comedy About the Dark Ages" at the Norman James Theatre on Friday and Saturday, March 27 and 28, at 8 p.m.

Set in a 13th-century French monastery, "Incorruptible" offers a humorous skewering of both celebrity worship and material worship. As the play opens, the monks are in a funk. The bones of their patron Saint Foy haven't produced a miracle in thirteen years. As a result, the pilgrims have stopped coming and the money has stopped flowing. The monks can hardly feed and clothe themselves, and they become desperate and susceptible to the schemes of a wandering minstrel.

Centuries before dot.coms, the monks turn to large-scale marketing with a mail-order bones business. Prosperity abounds, but the going gets tough when they have to produce an "incorruptible," that is, a body of a saint that never decays. Throughout the farce, Hollinger sprinkles memorable one-liners and plenty of rollicking action as he explores the age-old question, "Do the ends justify the means?"

The Philadelphia Inquirer hailed "Incorruptible" as a "funny, endearing black comedy ... a piece of remarkably dexterous craftsmanship."

The Washington College production of "Incorruptible" is directed by senior Cade Moak and features Holly Kent-Payne, Chantel Delulio, Allison Jones, Joe Yates, Chris Kraisser, Rachel Fisher, Erica Walburg and Stephanie Brown. Admission is free, but reservations are required; call 410/778-7835 or e-mail

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