Friday, November 13, 2009

Washington College Department Of Drama Presents 'Troy Women'

Karen Hartman play is adapted from Euripides’ ‘Trojan Women’

CHESTERTOWN – The Washington College Department of Drama will present “Troy Women,” Karen Hartman’s modern adaptation of Euripides’ “The Trojan Women,” at the Tawes Theatre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 19-21, at 8 p.m.

A bold new take on Euripides’ 415 B.C. classic about the horrible costs of war, “Troy Women” deals with themes as resonant today as they were in the midst of the Peloponnesian War, when Euripides’ tragedy debuted.

The story of the fallen royalty of Troy is offset and illuminated by the chorus: five distinct women whose voices become increasingly unified as the tragedy mounts.

Hecuba and the women of Troy mourn and celebrate their city on the morning after its destruction. Together, they grieve the deaths of their husbands and children as they await their fates at the hands of their Greek captors.

With modern elements adapted into Euripides’ classic, Hartman’s “Troy Women” adaptation is a chilling, brutal, but accessible portrait of women during war.

Directed by Professor of Drama Tim Maloney, who appears in the play as Poseidon, the Washington College production of “Troy Women” also features Alyssa Velazquez as Athena, Polly Sommerfeld as Hecuba, David Smaus as Talthybius, Katie Muldowney as Cassandra, Maggie Kobik as Andromache, Joe Rittenhouse as Menelaus, and Emmy Landskroener as Helen.

Also appearing as women of Troy are Maggie Farrell, Marta Wesenberg, Alexi Lemper, Brittany Rankin and Connie Carpenter. The Greek soldiers are played by John Lesser, Kevin Lemos and Jim Lyons.

Tawes Theatre is located in the new Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts. Admission to “Troy Women” is $3 for students, $5 general admission; for reservations and more information, call 410/778-7835 or e-mail

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