Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Washington College Tuition And Fees Up 4.24 Percent

Third Lowest Increase Since 1976 Marks Continued Modest Trend

Chestertown, MD — Tuition and student fees at Washington College will rise 4.24 percent for the upcoming academic year. The increase of $1,100 will bring the total bill for the 2000-2001 academic year at Washington College—including tuition, room, board and mandatory fees—to $27,040. The current cost is $25,940.
Officials said that effective cost-control measures and strong fund-raising efforts contributed to the moderate increase. Washington College seeks to ensure up-to-date facilities with the latest technologies for its students. Near completion on campus is Goldstein Hall, the College's newest classroom and faculty office building. It will house 24 faculty offices, three classrooms, five seminar rooms, two teaching labs, and one lecture hall. The Writing Center, Math Workshop, and Study Skills offices will also be located at Goldstein Hall, providing a central location for students. Also on tap over the next four years is construction of new residence halls and renovation of those existing to meet the expectations of post-Millennial college students.
College President John S. Toll said, "We have endeavored to hold down the increase in the cost of Washington College education and to provide financial aid to every student who needs it. We're pleased by the increase in the number of able applicants for admission this year and are working to see that the unique Washington College education is available to those who are well qualified."
Many of those well-qualified students benefit from a major element of Washington College's financial aid package, the Washington Scholars program, now in its fourth year. The Washington Scholars program makes $40,000 in scholarship money available to all Washington College students who were inducted into their high school National Honor Society and maintain a B average.

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