Tuesday, April 4, 2000

WC Students Offer Their Help to Habitat for Humanity Over Spring Break

Chestertown, MD — It’s not unusual for a vanload of Washington College students to head off to Florida for spring break. What set this group apart from the denizens of sun-worshippers heading south was their daily itinerary—rise at 6 a.m., drive to a construction site, and work all day in the hot sun, all for a good cause.
Sophomore Gia Greer led Washington College’s team of ten Habitat for Humanity volunteers, who spent four days helping to build a house for a Gainesville, Fla., family. The all-female crew camped out in the basement of a doctor’s suburban home by night and teamed up with a contingent from University of New Hampshire to hang siding and nail on roof shingles by day. (link to Gainesville article)
"It gave us a huge sense of accomplishment, knowing that we were helping somebody in particular, and realizing that we were capable of putting a roof on a house," commented Grier, the SGA’s Service Chair. "We also had a lot of fun bonding as a group and meeting other people. We especially enjoyed exchanging stories with the New Hampshire group. Coming from a large school, they couldn’t believe that an underclassman had organized this trip."
In response to the "huge interest" shown in the spring break alternative this year, Grier hopes to put together two or three Habitat for Humanity teams next year. "Everyone who went thought it was a great experience."

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